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Recipe For Life

In addition to her corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors, Natalie also founded and leads a non-profit foundation that is dedicated to serving, promoting, and mentoring and cultivating the potential of girls and young ladies and her community through educational opportunities, youth entrepreneurship and employment training, and personal development programs. 


Natalie Ramos began this program after a severe bout with domestic violence that left her near dead. After realizing that she was left with nothing and having to boil pots of water to give her daughter a bath, she realized it was time to begin focusing on her financial wealth and then mentoring other women to do the same.  Recipe For Life is the Focus on what Natalie Considers the Basic Fundamentals of Life: 

Food, Family, Fitness, Faith and Finance.

Natalie teaches how to not only to tell your story through recipes but how to bring your family together with healthy meals and how to save for your retirement, protect your love ones in case of unforeseen circumstances and how to leave a legacy.

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