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Culinary Decisions Made Easy

Proudly Serving Virginia, Maryland,
and the District of Columbia


About Us

Fleur de Cuisine was founded by private chef, Natalie Ramos, and her daughter, Tiana, who for more than 20 years have been directly involved in the culinary industry.


Natalie's successful career spans over 15 years as a personal chef, event and catering manager, restaurant owner, Food and Beverage Director, and concierge services.  Chef Ramos has always been inspired by her family's cooking.  Her Caribbean and African American Heritage can be tasted throughout each dish she makes with love.  She started her career in the restaurant industry and found  herself in demand by some of the worlds top executives, celebrities and high profile moguls.  Her skills are highly recognized and respected and she has been featured in several magazines to include; Food and Beverage Director and Food Management Magazine. 

Natalie's daughter, Tiana Ramos, is focused on bringing her unique flair to fusion cuisine and has been featured on in magazines such as; Northern Virginia Living, Huffington Post, LA Times and most recently on the Television show Chopped.


The duo realized the opportunity to establish a central online destination offering the unique advantage of employing chefs who, like herself, had all experienced working within the private house environment, in addition to bringing culinary satisfaction through meal planning, chefs on demand, private culinary classes and events and catering execution.  We strive to exceed every expectation, whether it is your custom curated event menu or our hand-selected ingredients.

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