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Healthy meal prep containers with quinoa, chicken and cole slaw



Culinary Decisions Made Easy

Non Contact Meal Delivery


In this day and age, we want to ensure that our family is safe and secure.  Fleur De Cuisine, takes every precaution to ensure your meals are prepared fresh from organic ingredients when you order.  It will be delivered to you how you want it, when you want it.  You select the meals and the portions from our ordering page on our  website and we will contact you to discuss and customize your selection to fit your families needs. You will work with the Chefs to design around your dietary needs.  Whether you have no restrictions, are on a restricted diet such as gluten free, ketogenic, paleo, diabetic diet, we give you the power to choose.


You can order and get your order delivered to you when and how you want it.  No Commitments.

Allergy Friendly

Easily avoid meals with ingredients that you don’t want.



Order your family meal with us and receive the same value to be delivered to a friend, employee, yourself, first responder or someone in need on us!

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