Private Chef Experience

6 Course Dinner Menu, China, Wine and Table Decor

What happens when you can't go to the restaurant?  We can bring the restaurant to you or you can come to our private dining room!  We will offer you a full service style experience of a six course chef-inspired meal along with your choice of signature cocktail or wine.  In this time of Covid 19 the Chef will wear a mask, gloves and shoe covers while preparing your meal and serving your food.  You can enjoy the comfort of your own home or you can have the entire space to yourself! At the same price!  If you do not have elegant china, we will bring all china and all table décor FREE of Charge.  The menu can be adjusted to fit the taste of you and your guest.  Want to make this a contactless delivery?  We can do so.  We will even include the china as a gift set! 

Sample Menu


6 Course Dinner with Wine Pairing

6 Courses Paired with 6 Wines from Blue Valley Vineyards

Are you looking for a unique experience.  We offer 6 courses paired with 6 unique Blue Valley Vineyards Wines.  The 6 course dinner includes:  China and Table Decor, 6 Course Dinner Experience, 6 Wine Pairings, Service and Full Clean Up.  Price is $160 per person.

See Sample Menu

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Intimate Affairs, Events, Corporate Gatherings

Great Food, Decor, China, Rentals and More

Do you need a chef for your event or gathering.  Whether a function for 4 people or 100 people, we will provide you with a chef and serving staff that can serve you and your needs. Our catering and Private Chef company handles everything from your china, your food and service staff, your rentals which may include tents, dance floors, and lighting! Our company prides itself on giving you the experience that we would want for ourselves.  You relax while we take care of all the logistics.  Whether intimate affairs such as rehearsal dinners, small birthday dinners or corporate retreats, we handle the details while you focus on making memories. 

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Fleur De Cuisine Luxe Private Dinner Affairs

The Ultimate Unique Experiences--1) Flames 2) Opaque 3)Fair Game 4) Lust

Do you need a chef for your event or gathering.  Are you looking for an experience that is unique that will wow your guest and take their experience to the next level? Fleur De Cuisine Luxe Private Dinner Affairs! Each Experience is unique and is sure to please whether it is for one person or two.  Price starts at $225 per person.   

1.  Flames:  This is a 6 course infused dining experience.  Your entire dinner will be infused including the signature cocktail. Sample Menu

2.  Opaque:  Complete dinning in the dark.  You will be in complete darkness except for the beautiful candle lit table.  The blind folds will ensure that you have no idea what is happening.  Your senses of smell, taste and touch will be elevated considering your sense of sight has vanished. You instruct your chef on your dinning preferences and the menu is a complete surprise!

3.  Fair Game:  Dinners will dine on rare and hard to get game meats through a six course menu and each course will be paired with wine from Blue Valley Vineyard.. See Sample Menu

4.  This dinning experience can be sinful for two persons or twenty. In this experience your 6 course dinning experience is served on a human table.  The true Adam and Eve experience for everyone.  Nyotaimori