What happens when you can't go to the restaurant?  We can bring the restaurant to you!  We will offer you a full service style experience of a six course chef-inspired meal and wine pairings.  In this time of Covid 19 the Chef will wear a mask, gloves and shoe covers while preparing your meal and serving your food.  If you do not have elegant china, we will bring all china and all table décor FREE of Charge.  The menu can be adjusted to fit the taste of you and your guest.  Want to make this a contactless delivery?  We can do so.  We will even include the china as a gift set!.

Do you need a chef for a small intimate gathering?  We will provide you with a chef and serving staff that can serve you and your families needs.  We have pre-screened our chefs and ensured that they are ready for luxury estate homes.  

Do you need a chef for a private event?  To cook dinner for a special occasion?  For one day?  One week?  We will provide the chef for your needs.  On demand.

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